Corporate Milestones


"Because WE CARE" As Social Purpose

Watsons Water has set out its new social purpose of "Because WE CARE" on the 180th anniversary year of A.S. Watson Group. To advocate the caring to the environment and to educate the public on drinking with less waste, Watsons Water had partnered with PathWater to launch a new aluminium bottled water, enabling REUSE and REFILL in the community.


Transformed Part of its Manufacturing Plant into Production Lines of WatsMask

Watsons Water had transformed part of its manufacturing plant into ISO 14644 Class 8 and ISO 13485 production lines of WatsMask meeting ASTM level 3 standard, due to the limited supply of safe medical mask in the market under COVID-19 pandemic.


Go Green Initiatives

Watsons Water launched a cross-sector bottle recycling network in Hong Kong, joining hands with stakeholders to engage the public on building bottle recycling habit.

Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machines with AlipayHK cash rebate activated, had been set out in retail, shopping mall, school and even event in different districts of HK to facilitate the collection and recycling of disposed plastic bottles.

Together with 299 primary school students from Kau Yan School, Watsons Water had achieved to create a new world record on organizing the largest terrarium making lesson with recycled water bottles.

In the same year, Watsons Alkaline Water 9.0 was first launched in HK for consumers who need a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Launch of CRM Platform “Drops of Fun”

Watsons Water CRM platform “Drops of Fun” was launched to offer variety of excitements to loyal drinkers.

In the same year, Wats-Touch Mini Dispenser was launched  to suit the need of different household sizes.


A.S. Watson Group Celebrates Its 175th Anniversary

A.S. Watson Group celebrates its 175th anniversary.

In the same year, Watsons Water was recognized as the Most Preferred Bottled Water Brand in HK. New thematic TV Commercial was launched to echo with the innovative and progressive approach of Watsons Water brand.


Launch 100% rPET Bottle Design

Watsons Water becomes the pioneer in Hong Kong to launch 100% rPET bottle design to promote drinking with reduced waste.

Wats-Touch Instant Heat Dispenser and Upward Flow Hot & Chilled Dispenser were also launched to serve household and commercial customers with busy lifestyle.


Launch of 110th Anniversary Campaign

Wats-Mini Dispenser was launched in 2012 to cater the need of small household users.

In 2013, Watsons Water launched its 110th anniversary campaign with the HK award-winning cyclist Sarah Lee.


Celebration of 100th Anniversary

Watsons Water celebrated its 100th anniversary of purity and persistence in innovation by launching a series of new, stylish bottle design for consumer excitement.

The more compact “Super Mini Water Dispenser” was also launched in a variety of attractive designs to suit for all tastes in the market.


Launch of Handy Bullet-Shaped Bottle Design

Watsons Water launched a distinctive, handy bullet-shaped bottle design to uplift the convenience for drinkers. The design won the “Best Packaging Material Printing” category in the Hong Kong Print Awards.

A brand new product – “Watsons Water With Minerals” was also introduced to satisfy the significant demand in mineral water. The new range of products, together with “Watsons Water for Sport”, offered a thirst-quenching experience for all walks of life including athletes and youngsters, and continued to deliver safety and purity that consumers demand from distilled water.


Unveiling “Platinum Water Dispenser” & “Oxygenated Water Dispenser”

Watsons Water unveiled the stylish “Platinum Water Dispenser” along with the “Oxygenated Water Dispenser”, targeting sports and health-conscious consumers.

Another innovative offering, “Watsons Water Facial Spray”, was also introduced to meet the needs in the beauty market. In July, Watsons Water revamped its operation line with robotic arm. Consequently, production efficiency could reach twice of previous practices while 85% of production space was saved.

Watsons Water became the first water supplier in Asia to be awarded certification of both ISO and NSF International standard.


Introduced 5-Litre Bottle Design

Watsons Water was the pioneer to introduce 5-litre bottle design in Hong Kong.

The unique “Super Seal System” for water dispensers was also introduced in 1994, putting an end to spills and splashes.

In 1996, Watsons Water developed the smaller 11-litre water “junior” to meet the needs of home users.

In 1998, Watsons Water was the first to launch the streamlined light-blue “handy bottle” with an integrated handle that made it simpler and easier to use.


The Watsons Athletic Club Was Founded

The Watsons Athletic Club was founded and is now the training ground for many top local athletes participating in various international competitions.

It contributes towards sports development such as the “Searching for New Sport Stars” programme, organised by the Hong Kong Sports Institute, and has received the “Diamond Donors Award” in recognition of its fund-raising efforts for the Community Chest.


A.S. Watson Became Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Group

A.S. Watson was acquired and became wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Group.

Watsons Water distillation plant at Tai Po in Hong Kong New Territories had become the largest in the world, producing more than 400 million litres of distilled water annually – sufficient to fill in 140 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


Introduced the 500mL Plastic Bottle

Pace of life became quickened. Watsons Water introduced the 500mL plastic bottle, replacing glass versions and making it handier for people on the move.

In 1979, a wider range of plastic carboy containers was introduced for the commercial sector, replacing glass containers. Water dispensers pioneered by Watsons Water had become indispensable.


Introduced Watsons Water’s Office-Sized Container

Businesses and commercial districts began to flourish in the 1950s. Watsons Water’s office-sized container was introduced, leading to widespread adoption of office water cooler later.

For customer convenience, Watsons Water first started to deliver distilled water of offices. Delivery was handled in special care as the containers were made of glass at that time.


Celebration of Centenary

A.S. Watson celebrates centenary just months before the Japanese attack and the fall of Hong Kong on 13 December 1941.

At that stage, standpipes on the streets were still turned on for only four hours every four days. Demand on fresh drinking water continued to intensify. Bottles of Watsons Water were transported mainly by barge and rickshaw, or were carried by men with poles.


A.S. Watson & Co Started to Produce Distilled Water

With demand for “safe” water growing, A.S. Watson & Co started to produce distilled water, promising that it was “the purest that can be obtained... the best ingredients only are used.” Decades of supplying 100% pure water to tackle shortage of safe drinking water began to pay off.


Operations of Canton Dispensary Extended to Hong Kong

Operations of Canton Dispensary, the forerunner of A.S. Watson Group, extended to Hong Kong and found the Hong Kong Dispensary which sold medical necessities and distilled own water to make medicines for soldiers and sailors.

In 1858, Dr. Alexander Skirving Watson was employed as the company’s first professional pharmacist. He stayed for 30 years, taking over the company and giving it the A.S. Watson & Co name in 1886.