Watsons Water FAQ

On website, you can click the member icon on the top right corner from website.

Click “Join Now” and enter your personal information to create a new account.  

You would receive a confirmation email after registration. Please activate your account via URL by clicking on an activation link in the email.

Please choose one from three customer types “Household”, “Commercial” or “Retail”.

For household customer: Register in personal name and a residential address

For commercial customer: Register in company name the same as it on BR and a business address

For retail customer: Suitable for the retail store and register by business

Click “Forget Password” and submit after entry your registered email address. You will receive an email and please click the link in the email to reset password.

If your email is duplicate, please enter your customer code.

We accept both email and customer code login.  If your email register more than one account, please enter customer code.

We only accept members to place online order in our eShop.  If you are not yet our customers, Register now!


A few simple steps to shop on Watsons Water eshop:


1) Login Watsons Water website or Join member


2) Search your favorite products


3) Choose quantity and click “Add to cart” to add the item to your shopping basket


4) Click “Cart” on the top right corner when you finish shopping.


5) Enter your delivery details and select payment method


6) Confirm the order and the delivery details, then the transaction is completed


If you have personalized order template, you will be directed to Express Checkout page simply by scanning your QR code. It is fast and safe to place water orders at fingertips, even you can ask your assistant or helper to order for you as they cannot see other pages and you will be notified by email for any update of orders or account information.

1. Scan your QR code or login Watsons Water “My Account”

2. Select delivery date and update order quantity

3.Checkout with default ecoupon redemption

4.Confirm the order and you will receive an email with order reference.

Tips: You may keep the same number of bottles to return as your order quantity without any need to settle additional bottle deposit.  

Minimum Order Quantity:

1) 2 bottles of Watsons Water Regular 18L or Junior 12L; or

2) 2 cases of Watsons Water 8L /4.5L; or

3) 1 bottle of Watsons Water Regular 18L, Junior 12L or 1 case of 8L / 4.5L and 1 case of consumer pack

4) Some of products have minimum order quantity, please refer to the product page for more details.


Maximum Order Quantity:

Order quantity of the same product item of online order is 99 bottles / cartons / units at maximum. One off payment online order is 9  units of same item at maximum

Our order cut off time for online and telephone orders is 17:00 on working days for next delivery schedule.


Our CS center working hours are 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri, 08:00-17:00 Sat (except public holidays).

You may through eshop to accept the online quotation, please find the guideline below,

The additional quantity will be billed at current list price and you will be prompted for online payment.  Alternatively, you may purchase ecoupon package or subscribe monthly plan online and then place water order redeemed by ecoupons.

Tip: We have ecoupon low-balance e-alert and treat to our customers upon reaching the preset or desirable reminder quantity.

If you forget to use ecoupons or promotion code and realize it after payment, we are sorry that you cannot use it for all “Paid” transactions or request subsequent refund or adjustment. Remember to use ecoupons and input any valid promotion code before you click “Checkout” to move on delivery details and online payment.

Cash account may change your delivery address through online system, credit account need to upload supporting document. If you need to change your contact details, you may refer to profile or one time edit while check out. 

Under normal circumstances, we would not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.  You are requested to examine the goods immediately for any deficiencies and/or damages of their appearance and whether all accessories are included upon delivery. If it is the case, please contact our Customer Service Department.

If the products are sold out, we may refund the amount paid to buy the product.

If the goods have any deficiencies/damage/ missing/ and/or damages of their appearance and whether all accessories are included upon delivery., please contact our Customer Service Department.

Currently customer dispenser information is not available online.  Please call 2660 6688 or Contact Us and select subject “Technical Service” to tell us your needs and make appointment for repair or sanitizing service. 

We provide maintenance service and sanitizing service for the Equipment pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions under the service plan(s) which you have subscribed to.

Please click “Profile” and then press the “ecoupon“ for more details.

Your eCoupon balance will be updated automatically once we confirm the invoice

We accept Visa Card, Master Card and Alipay HK in one-off payment and only accept Visa card and Master Card for purchase monthly plan.

Once you have added items to your Cart and log in to the membership system, you may Checkout at any time by selecting the cart at the top right corner of the website.

After payment is successfully processed, you should receive an order confirmation email. If not, please call us at 2660-6688 or send e-mail to  www.service@asw.com.hk

Once the payment success, the browser will redirect to the page with reference code and order code. You may also receive the order confirmation email. You may also find the transaction detail in “Order History”.

Change Delivery: For change of delivery date of scheduled order, please call our Customer Service hotline 2660-6688 for arrangement before the order cut-off time. In case of the number of empty bottle(s) to return is / are more than order quantity, or any change in content of scheduled order, please place another new order at our 24-HourTeletone Hotline 2660-7373 before cut-off time. We will supersede any previous orders of the same delivery date with your latest order. Order Cut-off Time: 5p.m. on working days

English address is preferable. You can simply type building, street, district and then choose from the list of addresses.  If you prefer to provide Chinese address, please type district, street, building and do the selection. In case you cannot find one on the list, please provide your full address and our CS officer will contact you during office hours.

You may choose the delivery date within two months. The delivery schedule will be different depends on district.

After login, you will be able to see your scheduled and completed orders of recent three months in Order History with delivery status.  If you do not receive your ordered items on original date and any rescheduling update while the status is still “Scheduled”, your orders are probably retained by our logistic operator for delivery on next working day of original date.


In case you do not receive your ordered items but see the status has changed to “Delivered”, please call 2660 6688 or Contact Us.

Some product delivery by special route, different delivery date with the normal route

For delivery locations in Lantau (excluding Tung Chung town), Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Peng Chau and Ma Wan, an additional delivery charge will be applied and separately quoted, subject to the current market rate charged by transportation agent.

For special request of non-schedule delivery to Ma Wan and Tung Chung town subject to Watsons Water's decision, Customer shall be responsible for the required toll fee.

Free delivery is applicable to locations accessible by delivery vehicles to building with lift facility or its first floor up to 20 staircases in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Delivery to outlying islands, remote or restricted areas is subject to Watsons Water's decision and the following delivery charge will be applied.

Delivery service will be suspended in times of black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No.8 or above is in effect and outstanding orders will be arranged in next schedule or on the other day whichever is earlier, subject to the availability of delivery resource.

Household customers can download the “Drops of Fun” App and register as members to receive reward points by scanning bottle cap QR code of Watsons Water / PET bottle of Mr. Juicy selective products or QR codes on invoices issued via Watsons Water’s eShop to redeem fabulous rewards, to enjoy special birthday offers and other surprises. Visit “Drops of Fun” Website at http://ww-fun.com/hk/ for details.

“Drops of Fun” rewards scheme has been launched officially on Watsons Water eShop and household customers can earn reward points at ease through self-water ordering. The eShop system will issue a one-off QR code per the quantities of 12L and 18L water product of an order 3 working days upon delivery and household customers can receive reward points by scanning the QR code after downloading the “Drops of Fun” App and registering as members.

For more details https://www.watsons-water.com/earndropsoffun_eng



  1.             Kindly note that the eShop system will not issue QR codes for 8L and 4.5L water products and their QR codes are within the bottle caps sticker. Please scan the QR codes via “Drops of Fun” mobile App to obtain reward points.
  2.             “Drops of Fun” Rewards Scheme exclude any goods return, product replacement & free issue.

    Rewards Points Conversion details as per below table:                   


    Watsons Water Product



    Reward points received per bottle

    QR 碼顯示

    QR code display





    Generated via Watsons Water e-Shop system




    Generated via Watsons Water e-Shop system




    Within the bottle cap




    Within the bottle cap

You can log in to “my account” via Watsons Water’s Website and select “order record” to check the order status 3 working days upon delivery. If the order status became “delivered”, select the invoice, click “QR code display” and scan it via the mobile app to add reward points to your “Drops of Fun” account.

The “Drops of Fun” QR code is valid for 3 months upon issuance by systema automatically and will not be re-issued after the expiry date. Each QR code can only be scanned by “Drops of Fun” mobile app once.

You can check your membership status, green and reward points record at “profile” by logging on via http://ww-fun.com/hk/ or through “Drops of Fun” mobile app.

If a transaction is cancelled, the reward QR code will not be issued.

If you are the authorized person of your master account, you can login with group account customer code and see your subsidiary accounts where you can place orders, download e-statement, manage account information and perform other functions for them. You are assured that subsidiary accounts can only access to their own accounts.